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Book Chapter
Goal-Oriented Requirements Analysis and Reasoning in the Tropos Methodology., Giorgini, P.; Mylopoulos, J.; Sebastiani, R. , Engineering Applications of Artifcial Intelligence, Volume 18/2, (2005)
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Security and Trust Requirements Engineering., Giorgini, P.; Massacci, F.; Zannone, N. , Foundations of Security Analysis and Design III, (2005)
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Multi-Agent Systems and Security Requirements Analysis., Bresciani, P.; Giorgini, P.; Manson, G.; Mouratidis, H. , Software Engineering for Multi-Agent Systems II, (2004)
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The Tropos Methodology: an overview., Giorgini, P.; Kolp, M.; Mylopoulos, J.; Pistore, M. , Methodologies And Software Engineering For Agent Systems, (2004)
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Journal Article
Formative User-Centered Evaluation of Security Modeling: Results from a Case Study, Troesterer, S.; Beck, E.; Dalpiaz, F.; Paja, E.; Giorgini, P.; Tscheligi, M. , International Journal of Secure Software Engineering, Volume 3, Number 1, p.1--19, (2012)
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A Goal-based Framework for Contextual Requirements Modeling and Analysis, Ali, R.; Dalpiaz, F.; Giorgini, P. , Requirements Engineering, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.20, (2010)
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Goal-oriented testing for MASs, Nguyen, C.D.; Perini, A.; Tonella, P. , Int. J. Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, Volume 4, Number 1, p.79--109, (2010)
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Designing Socio-Technical Systems: From Stakeholder Goals to Social Networks., Bryl, V.; Giorgini, P.; Mylopoulos, J. , Requirement Engineering, (2009)
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Evaluating Procedural Alternatives: a Case Study in e-Voting., Bryl, V.; Dalpiaz, F.; Ferrario, R.; Mattioli, A.; Villafiorita, A. , Electronic Government, an International Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2, p.19, (2009)
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Modeling and Analyzing Location-based Requirements: Goal-oriented Approach, Ali, R.; Dalpiaz, F.; Giorgini, P. , International Journal of Computer Science and Software Technology (IJCSST), Volume 2, Issue 2, p.7, (2009)
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Balancing Business Perspectives in Requirements Analysis., Siena, A.; Bonetti, A.; Giorgini, P. , Lecture Notes in Communications in Computer and Information Science, (2008)
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Evaluation of Business Solutions in Manufacturing Enterprises., Asnar, Y.; Giorgini, P.; Ciancarini, P.; Moretti, R.; , , International Journal on Business Intelligence and Data Mining, Volume 3, Issue 3, (2008)
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GRAnD: A Goal-Oriented Approach to Requirement Analysis in Data Warehouses, Giorgini, P.; Rizzi, S.; Garzetti, M. , Decision Support Systems, Volume 45, Issue 1, p.18, (2008)
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High variability design for software agents: Extending Tropos, Penserini, L.; Perini, A.; Susi, A.; Mylopoulos, J. , ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS), Volume 2, Number 4, (2007)
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Self-Configuring Socio-Technical Systems: Redesign at Runtime., Bryl, V.; Giorgini, P. , International Transactions on Systems Science and Applications, (2006)
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Modeling Secure Systems Using An Agent-Oriented Approach and Security Patterns., Giorgini, P.; Mouratidis, H.; Weiss, M. , International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE), (2005)
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Secure Tropos: A Security-Oriented Extension of the Tropos Methodology., Giorgini, P.; Mouratidis, H. , Journal of Autonomous Agents and Mult-Agent Systems, (2005)
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The Tropos Metamodel and its Use., Giorgini, P.; Mylopoulos, J.; Perini, A.; Susi, A. , Informatical journal, (2005)
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Designing a Decision Support System for Integrated Production in Agriculture. An Agent-Oriented approach., Perini, A.; Susi, A. , Environmental Modelling and Software Journal, (2004)
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Formal Reasoning Techniques for Goal Models., Giorgini, P.; Mylopoulos, J.; Nicchiarelli, E.; Sebastiani, R. , Journal of Data Semantics, (2004)
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Specifying and analyzing early requirements in Tropos, Fuxman, A.; Liu, L.; Mylopoulos, J.; Pistore, M.; Roveri, M.; Traverso, P. , Requirements Engineering Journal, (2004)
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Tropos: An Agent-Oriented Software Development Methodology, Bresciani, P.; Perini, A.; Giorgini, P.; Giunchiglia, F.; Mylopoulos, J. , Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Volume 8, Number 3, p.203--236, (2004)
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TROPOS: An Agent-Oriented Software Development Methodology., Bresciani, P.; Giorgini, P.; Giunchiglia, F.; Mylopoulos, J.; Perini, A. , Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, (2004)
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Multi-Agent Architectures as Organizational Structures., Giorgini, P.; Kolp, M.; Mylopoulos, J. , Internation Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, (2002)
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Conference Paper
Modelling Security Requirements in Socio-Technical Systems with STS-Tool, Paja, E.; Dalpiaz, F.; Poggianella, M.; Roberti, P.; Giorgini, P. , Forum of the Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, Volume 855, p.155--162, (2012)
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