People working on Tropos developed a number of prototype tools that have been used and tested in several projects. Here the list of current available tools.

Tool Maintainer Notes
STS-Tool DISI - University of Trento  Support tool for the Socio-Technical Security modeling language (STS-ml)
Si* Tool DISI - University of Trento  Secure Tropos tool. It supports risk reasoning and planning
TAOM4E Fondazione Bruno Kessler  Support tool for the Tropos Methodology. Code generation to JADEX
GR-Tool DISI - University of Trento  Goal Reasoning tool
T-Tool DISI - University of Trento  Formal Tropos tool
DW-Tool DISI - University of Trento  Data Warehouse design tool
OpenOME University of Toronto  General purpose tool based on i*
DESCARTES Universit√© catholique de Louvain  Design CASE Tool for Agent-Oriented Repositories, Techniques, Environments and Systems
SecTro University of East London  Automated modeling tool that provides supports for the Secure Tropos methodology


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