Requirements Engineering with Tropos

The most important contribution of Tropos is in the area of Requirements Engineering. Tropos adopts the Eric Yu's i* modeling framework, which offers the notions of actor, goal and (actor) dependency, and uses these as a foundation to model early and late requirements. Tropos proposes goal-oriented modeling techniques to capture and analyze both business and system requirements, risk and security, and (social and geographic) location requirements.

Look at the Papers and Presentations concerning Requirements Engineering.

Requirements modeling is divided into two sub-phases: early requirements and late requirements. The former activity is intended to depict the scenario as-is, whereas the latter introduces the system to-be and shows how the social relationships between actors do change.

Early requirements

Late requirements

The two pictures above represent early and late requirements, respectively, for a case study describing an e-culture system for the province of Trento (PAT). The picture on the left partially shows the scenario as-is, where citizens, visitors and PAT are connected by a number of social relations (dependencies). On the right side, the eCulture system  has been introduced and the PAT delegates some responsibilities to this software system.




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