Self-* at runtime

At runtime, specific architectures can be developed to monitor for requirements, diagnose problems, and cope with them (by reconfiguration). Various types of problems can be identified: goal/plan failures, uncommitment, underperformance, unexpected changes in the context. The advantage of maintaining a high-level representation of the system is that this ensures requirements traceability to code. Once a failure has been detected, the architecture should compensate it by (i) selecting a different strategy; (ii) compensate the failed strategy; (iii) enacting the new strategy.

A very important aspect in reconfiguration is that many settings are characterized by a highly distributed agents having their own autonomy. Therefore, the agents cannot be controlled; rather, the architecture/middleware should do its best to make the agents achieve their objectives. For instance, a system supporting an alzheimer patient living in a smart home might try to remind him to have breakfast by texting a message or by turning on a light, but there's no way to force the patient to have breakfast.

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