Software testing aims at answering questions like Is the system being built good enough? Does the resulting system fulfil the requirements? That is, testing is the software development activity, devoted to evaluating product quality and improving it by identifying defects and problems.

Goal-Oriented Software Testing (GOST), is a testing methodology that guides the software engineer to derive test cases from goal-oriented requirements and design specifications. The proposed approach is defined with reference to the Tropos software development methodology and consider MAS as the target implementation technology. The proposed methodology contributes to the existing AOSE methodologies by providing: (i ) a testing process model, which complements the development methodology by drawing a connection between goals and test cases and (ii ) a systematic way for deriving test cases from goal analysis.

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Nguyen, C.D.; Perini, A.; Tonella, P.Goal-oriented testing for MASsInt. J. Agent-Oriented Software Engineering2010Details

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