Methodology related presentations

AuthorsTitlePlace publishedYearsort icon
Giorgini, P.Introduction to TroposAOSE course @UniTn2009DownloadDetails
Jureta, I.From Decision Theory to Techne, and backTropos lunch meeting2009DownloadDetails
Ali, R.; Dalpiaz, F.; Giorgini, P.Location-based Software Modeling and Analysis: Tropos-based ApproachER 2008, Barcelona2008DownloadDetails
Mylopoulos, J.Tropos at the Age of 6: Status and Research DirectionsTropos Lunch Meeting2006DownloadDetails
Cares, C.; Franch, X.; Mavol, E.TroposPL: Tropos for Prolog ImplementationsTropos Lunch Meeting2006DownloadDetails
Castro, J.; Kolp, M.; Mylopoulos, J.A Requirements-Driven Development Methodology.2001DownloadDetails
Penserini, L.A Distributed Agent Architecture and Case Based Approach for Information System Integration.2001DownloadDetails
Giunchiglia, F.Invited talk at ATAL 2001.2001DownloadDetails
Kolp, M.A Requirements-Driven Methodology for MAS: An E-commerce Example.2000Details
Mylopoulos, J.A Software Development Methodology for Agent-Oriented Systems.2000DownloadDetails
Mylopoulos, J.From Entities and Relationships to Social Actors and Dependencies.2000DownloadDetails
Mylopoulos, J.Tropos at the age of 10 months.2000DownloadDetails
Mylopoulos, J.Requirements-Driven Sofware Development.1999DownloadDetails

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