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Modeling and Reasoning about Service-Oriented Applications via Goals and Commitments, Chopra, A.; Dalpiaz, F.; Giorgini, P.; Mylopoulos, J. , Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, (2010)
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Adaptation in Open Systems: Giving Interaction its Rightful Place, Dalpiaz, F.; Chopra, A.; Giorgini, P.; Mylopoulos, J. , ER 2010, (2010)
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A Requirements-Driven Development Methodology., Castro, J.; Kolp, M.; Mylopoulos, J. , 13th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 01), (2001)
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Awareness Requirements for Adaptive Systems, Souza, V.E.S.; Lapouchnian, A.; Robinson, W.N.; Mylopoulos, J. , 6th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS 2011), 23/05/2011, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, p.(to appear), (2011) Abstract
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An empirical study of Requirements Model understanding: Use Case vs. Tropos models, Hadar, I; Reinhartz-Berger, I; Kuflik, T.; Perini, A.; Ricca, F.; Susi, A. , 25th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing , (2010)
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A Goal-based Framework for Contextual Requirements Modeling and Analysis, Ali, R.; Dalpiaz, F.; Giorgini, P. , Requirements Engineering, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.20, (2010)
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A Goal Modeling Framework for Self-Contextualizable Software., Ali, R.; Dalpiaz, F.; Giorgini, P. , 14th International Conference on Exploring Modeling Methods in Systems Analysis and Design (EMMSAD09), 08/06/2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (2009)
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An Architecture for Requirements-driven Self-Reconfiguration., Dalpiaz, F.; Giorgini, P.; Mylopoulos, J. , 21st International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE '09), (2009)
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A Goal-Oriented Approach for Modelling Self-Organising MAS, Morandini, M.; Migeon, F.; Gleizes, M.; Maurel, C.; Penserini, L.; Perini, A. , Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Engineering Societies in the Agents' World (ESAW 2009), November, Volume 5881, (2009)
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Applying Tropos to Socio-Technical System Design and Runtime Configuration., Dalpiaz, F.; Ali, R.; Asnar, Y.; Bryl, V.; Giorgini, P. , Evolution of Agent Development: Methodologies, Tools, Platforms and Languages (WOA08), 17/09/2008, Palermo, Italy, (2008)
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Analyzing Business Continuity through a Multi-Layers Model., Asnar, Y.; Giorgini, P. , 6th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2008), 01/09/2008, Milan, Italy, (2008)
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An Agent-Based Middleware for Adaptive Systems, Qureshi, N.A.; Perini, A. , QSIC '08: Proceedings of the 2008 The Eighth International Conference on Quality Software, Washington, DC, USA, p.423--428, (2008)
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A Design Framework for Generating BDI-agents from Goal Models, Penserini, L.; Perini, A.; Susi, A.; Morandini, M.; Mylopoulos, J. , 6th Int. Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS'07), Honolulu, Hawaii, p.610-612, (2007)
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A Requirements-Driven Methodology for Agent-Oriented Software., Castro, J.; Giorgini, P.; Kethers, S.; Mylopoulos, J. , Agent-Oriented Methodologies, (2005)
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Automating Model Transformations in Agent-Oriented Modelling., Perini, A.; Susi, A. , AOSE '05 workshop, (2005)
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Agent-Oriented Methodologies: an Introduction., Giorgini, P.; Henderson-Sellers, B. , Agent-Oriented Methodologies, (2005)
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Analysing Security in Information Systems., Giorgini, P.; Mouratidis, H. , Second International Workshop on Security In Information Systems (WOSIS-2004), (2004)
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Agent-oriented modeling by interleaving formal and informal specification., Perini, A.; Pistore, M.; Roveri, M.; Susi, A. , Agent Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE-2003), 15/07/2003, Melbourne, Australia, (2003)
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An Ontology for Modelling Security: The Tropos Approach., Giorgini, P.; Manson, G.; Mouratidis, H. , KES 2003 Invited Session Ontology and Multi-Agent Systems Design (OMASD'03), (2003)
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Analysing Security Requirements of Information Systems Using Tropos., Gani, A.; Giorgini, P.; Manson, G.; Mouratidis, H. , International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Angers, France, (2003)
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Agent Oriented Software Development., Giorgini, P.; Kolp, M.; Mylopoulos, J. , 2nd Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SETN-02), (2002)
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Applying Tropos Requirements Analysis for defining a Tropos tool., Bresciani, P.; Sannicolò, F. , Agent-Oriented Information System. AOIS-2002: Fourth International Bi-Conference Workshop (2002), Toronto, Canada, (2002)
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Applying Tropos Methodology to a real case study: Complexity and Criticality analysis., Garzetti, M.; Giorgini, P.; Mylopoulos, J.; Sannicolò, F. , Workshop on "Dagli OGGETTI agli AGENTI - Dall'informazione alla Conoscenza (WOA02)", (2002)
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A Natural Extension of Tropos Methodology for Modelling Security., Giorgini, P.; Manson, G.; Mouratidis, H.; Philp, I. , Workshop on Agent-oriented methodologies, at OOPSLA 2002, (2002)
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Agent-Oriented Modelling: Software Versus the World., Yu, E. , Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE-2001), (2001)
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